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Core Values

Kaleidoscope’s five Core Values are fundamental to the school’s program of instruction, and support our vision and shape our school culture.  

  1. Unique Learning EnvironmentsAt Kaleidoscope, All children are provided academic groupings that best support and enhance their individual learning needs. This model allows us to incorporate our strong belief in structured and unstructured play. Our Exploratorium is embedded daily as a dedicated time to enhance and master all of these learning opportunities.

  2. Character DevelopmentAt Kaleidoscope, we develop thoughtful, conscientious, empathetic learners. We believe in focusing on positive reinforcement and behavioral support while maintaining accountability for all.

  3. Inclusive Learning EnvironmentAt Kaleidoscope, we value and embrace all students and families. We provide curricula that supports acceptance and opportunities for every student to succeed. Shared experiences are welcomed through classroom and school-wide events.

  4. Meaningful Family and Community Involvement At Kaleidoscope, we welcome and provide opportunities for families to engage with their child’s learning in and out of the classroom. Our program integrates guest speakers, provides field trip opportunities, and supports multiple charitable events. Through these experiences, our children learn to value and respect their family, community, and school.

  5. Academic Excellence 

Our values and passion drive us towards success for ALL children! We are committed to your child’s academic excellence through unique learning groups, rigorous curricula, character and social emotional learning, building family and community relationships, and creating an inclusive learning environment.