How we are handling the Coronavirus

As an elementary school, we are taking all precautions to ensure that our children and staff are safe and healthy. Governor Ducey has closed all elementary school until April 10th. During the first week, Kaleidoscope was on Spring Break. We ask our staff to come in and disinfect the school from top to bottom. That has been done, waiting for the children to come back. The second week, we worked diligently getting our school online. We offered Chromebooks to those needing technology. Our online learning includes Google Classroom, a daily Zoom meeting with teacher and students, Splashlearn to reinforce math skills, Epic Books to reinforce reading and comprehension. We also have Brainpop Jr. and to reinforce skills as well. On top of ensuring that students continue learning, we are making sure our families are getting all that they need. We are personally reaching out to all of our families to make sure that they have paper products and food for their family. As we continue to learn more, we will continue to keep our community up to date.

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