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Community Involvement

Kaleidoscope recognizes the value of the community and is committed to a positive, mutually beneficial relationship with stakeholders beyond the school.  Through a strong relationship with the community, Kaleidoscope will enhance our students’ education with:​

  • Volunteer programs: The well-rounded student knows the importance of giving back to the community, and this will be modeled through community service projects.

  • Internships (grades 7 and 8): Early exposure to the business environment and future careers helps develop an understanding of the importance of education as it relates to careers.

  • International/Global Awareness: Kaleidoscope recognizes that “Global Economy” is not just a phrase, it is a reality.  It is critical for students to understand our place as a world contributor and competitor; therefore, Kaleidoscope will utilize online global education resources to provide exposure to and understanding of challenges in our diverse global society.

  • Guest speakers, who represent civic, business, and the community, and in-school presentations, will enhance relevance in the classroom.

  • Student Council: As a model for understanding the complexities of governance and civic engagement, the Student Council is an important aspect of a complete education experience.

  • Field trips: Taking students into the community to experience how their learning is applied in real world situations is fundamental at every stage of learning.