About Us

Kaleidoscope's Mission

Within an innovative and creative model of elementary education, Kaleidoscope School inspires and prepares students to be competent, confident learners equipped with the critical thinking, problem solving, literacy, and numeracy skills necessary for success in an increasingly complex, global society.

Kaleidoscope's Vision

Kaleidoscope School will be an “A” ranked elementary school, where our students are prepared to pursue higher education opportunities and become actively involved in their community.

Kaleidoscope's Core Values

Kaleidoscope’s five Core Values are fundamental to the school’s program of instruction, and support our vision and shape our school culture.  

  1. Cooperation

  2. Structured and unstructured play

  3. Strong Character

  4. Meaningful parental involvement

  5. Community involvement

Robin Soare

Executive Director

Tracy Lange


Jan Long

Office Manager

Phuong Pham

Front Office Admin

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Kaleidoscope School

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